Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mac OSx86 Tiger 10.4.8

Yesss.....after a loooong trial and error finally I got my Hacintosh up and running :)
it perform very very good, outstanding performance ...never felt this is a Hacintosh
Alll my hardware recognize and function normally even my nokia CDMA internet based connection works prefectly

SO VISTA is DEAD hahaha.....Now is just for Hacintosh and Linux

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


yup beberapa hari ini lg pake windows vista versi ultimate (my debian testing still on my PC) so far vista is not bad at all it very buggy at first install but after update vista feel stable and fast enough :)

oiya selain itu sedihnya kemarin malam istriku habis jatuh dan kakinya terkilir sampai bengkak :( padahal istriku ini lg hamil....semoga aja ucrit nggak apa-apa yaa... :(

that's all news for and my wife accident...two strange combination

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pregnancy and job

Yeaah...finally my lovely wife get pregnant :) (after 5 month marriage)....that's a really good news especially for me and our parent
Next good news finally I got a job ... I dont know if this job trigerring my wife pregnancy because afer a month I got a job then she got pregnant ...this moment really makes my life complete. complete me
Love you ndut :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Opera on Debian etch AMD64

Yeaah....finally after researching on the internet I found a way to install and use Opera (a web browser). Opera build only for 32bit and it depends on some 32bit libraries so it's rather complicated to install (or not :) )
So here it is the Howto install Opera on linux 64bit :
install these package :
apt-get install ia32-libs linux32

apt-get install ia32-libs-gtk

*you can get this package from Debian Testing/Lenny
you have to get this package libqt3-mt_3.3.7-4_i386.deb (yes it's a 32bit package)
and do this :
dpkg-deb --extract libqt3-mt_3.3.7-4_i386.deb /path/to/your/home/dir

and you will found "usr" folder, open it and copy all file on the "lib" directory to the /lib32 (you must do this as a root)
ok now time for install Opera, first get the Opera package for Debian etch then do this :
dpkg -i --force-architecture opera_9.20-20070409.6-shared-qt_en_i386.deb

Done :)
just run Opera and enjoy

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wine on Debian Etch amd64

Debian, etch, amd64 still keeps me satisfied :)
Flash and win32codec works flawlessly without "chroot" things and stable, now the most great news that is WINE can installed and run on my Debian etch amd64 version!!!
I have compiled, installed (build my own debian *.deb package) and can run games :) !!!
I've tried installing CounterStrike 1.6 and works great and it run more faster than on my 32bit CPU.
So, if you want to know how it works here it is:

# apt-get the following packages:

* ia32-libs (you need version 1.18 at least)
* libc6-dev-i386
* lib32z1-dev

# Make symlinks :

cd /usr/lib32
ln -s

# Download the wine source and assuming gcc and all needed development packages are installed you can compile wine using (you shouldn't need --x-libraries=):

./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info
make depend && make -j2 ---> if you have dual cpu you can use "-j2"
make install

# Run wine by executing "wine". If wine complains that it can't find make sure /emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib is part of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or run ldconfig -v. (just add "/emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib" to your "/etc/" and run "ldconfig -v")

now you have a native wine 64bit and the most important thing, it WORKS!!! :)

(thanx to wine wiki)

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Debian Etch : Very impressif

After almost 2 years using Slackware I always curious with Debian and yesterday I try install it on my computer (using Debian Etch RC2 weekly build) and I choose to use AMD64 version since I own a 64bit processor.

First installation almost get me shock because default installation fail but I try to see another boot parameter option and then I try to use this option --- > installgui acpi=off hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false tasks="kde-desktop, standart" ---> installgui, yes I want to try The GUI installer from etch; acpi=off, I have do this since without this option The installation always hang without any error messeges (I still dont understand with this); hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false, I dont have any pcmcia things so why I have to use it :) ; tasks="kde-desktop, standart", I use this because I like to use KDE rather than GNOME (eventhought GNOME is great and nice too)
then the process is working very nice and smooth everything is very easy and stable. After about 20 minutes (so, yes it a fast installation) installation finish.
And then first booting and it's just works and fast :)

Booting process is average it took about 35 second and then I come to the KDE first wizard and after choosing everything what I need then I get into the KDE desktop....ok it just a "No Bling-Bling" like other "Distro" but this not a problem for me since I usually use Slackware which has no "bling-bling" things too.
So if like to ask about what the different Slackware KDE and Debian KDE I just can say Debian is very stable, big salute and congratulation for Debian Developer Team. They have give me a great stable distro and very reliable. Also the "plus" points is Debian has everything that I need (I take the DVD installation set) so it very helping me since I dont have an unlimited internet connection (just 1Gb/month, really sucks).
Not forget, I try also installing NVIDIA (using 64bit instllaer driver) and it just works too, damn I love this distro :)
Ooo, another great news for Debian Etch AMD64 version that the "Flash" and "win32codecs" things it all working flawlessly, and I dont have do that using "chroot" step things, so this Debian etch AMD64 just going to make great impressions to me
All the package on the DVD set is almost up to date and some is really up to date so yes this Debian version is the most up to date version.

Debian etch give me another experience and it really impress me. For Desktop user, Workstation or even a Server, Debian etch really a solid Operating system, it fast, reliable and stable.
So I Thing I will stick to Debian for a long time..... :)

Congratulation DEBIAN

Selamat dan sukses untuk Debian

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Debian, Slackware, Debian, Slackware....

Hmm lagi krisis distro, bingung nih pake Debian apa Slackware yaa?
Slackware dan Debian in my opinion sama-sama Simple dan Stable cuman Debian "stable" kalah up2date dgn Slackware stable walaupun dibandingkan dgn Debian "Testing" sekalipun :(
Tapi Debian punya paket-paket yang sangat lengkap kalo Slackware kadang-kadang harus hunting binari package dulu kalo nggak ada yaa terpaksa compile sendiri atau bikin paket nya slackware sendiri....
Binguuuung...... :(